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Safeguarding Policy

Who Are We?

We are a connected community of Christ's disciples who worship God with the whole of our lives.

What Defines Us?

Our Passion for Jesus


Because He first loved us and gives power to our lives

What Are We Here For?

To Love Christ, To Grow in Christ, To Show Christ's Love, To Make Christ Known

How Do We Live This?

1. By our prayerful day-by-day devotion to Jesus

2. By sharing openly and caring deeply

3. By serving as part of our communities

4. By introducing new people to Jesus

What Do We Hope For?

We long to see lives transformed by God's grace as we are prayerfully devoted to Jesus.

We long to discover more of God's love as we share together in churches which are caring and inclusive discipleship communities.

We long to make friends with those around us and serve as good neighbours.  

We long to see the church grow as we invite more people to live as disciples of Jesus.

What Questions Do We Ask?

How do we resource prayerful day-by-day devotion to Jesus?

How do we enable deep sharing in caring and inclusive discipleship communities?

How do we develop confidence to make friends with those around us and serve as good neighbours?

How do we grow in our boldness to invite more people to follow Jesus?

What plans do we have in our own lives, in our Churches and in our Circuit to journey further in our pilgrimage over the coming year?  How can we be accountable to one another for these plans?