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Dear friends,

We are Easter People!

In these next few weeks, with the whole Church throughout the world, we will

celebrate the most amazing, grace filled events in history.

The passion, suffering and death of Jesus will focus our minds throughout Lent and Holy Week on how, through Jesus' death on the cross, the power of evil and death were defeated.

Then, with the dawning of Easter Day we join our voices with millions of other Christians in the refrain:

Christ the Lord is Risen today, Hallelujah!'

Our faith is built on nothing less.

Using the words, 'Easter People,' reminds me of the events organized some years ago by Rev Rob Frost, and the title has remained. Ever since that first Easter Day, the followers of Jesus have witnessed his living presence in their lives and we have been Easter People! So how do we know and live this risen life?

• His resurrection means we receive new life and freedom.

• His resurrection means we have the good news of healing, the forgiveness of sin and hope for the future.

• His resurrection means that those utterly bereft with grief, can know the assurance that death is not the end.

• His resurrection means that those of us experiencing the darkness of pain, failure or the disappointment of broken relationships or spirits, can know the comfort of his peace and the fresh start of his grace.

• His resurrection means we can be filled with the power and courage of his Spirit enabling us to serve the present age.

So as we celebrate Easter again this year, let's show that we are Easter People;

not only on Easter Day but in our Worship week by week, in our service, day by day. In our decision making, and in our conversations, in fact in every aspect of our lives.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

With sincere Love,


The Superintendent’s Letter

Rev. Sue Greenwood