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Dear Friends,

It doesn't seem long since we were going through Stationing to try to find a Presbyter (Minister) for our Circuit. We were so blessed to have our dear friend Stuart Nimmo heading up the process. It was some- thing he really enjoyed doing, and even though he wasn't well he put a massive amount of energy into leading the Circuit Invitation Committee. I remember the delight we all felt when he said, with his usual smiling glee: 'Well we've had faith, we've hoped and now we've got CHARITY!!' (words to that effect)!

Rev Charity Hamilton, herself not so well, had read our Circuit Profile and realized what a wonderful Circuit we are and how she could see herself working with us as God's servant in this place. In the mean time, we had read about Charity and knew her many gifts and graces would be just right for the Middlesbrough and Eston Circuit. The MATCH, as they say, was 'made in heaven!' And I really mean this, because I truly believe Charity is part of God's purposes for our Circuit.

Most Methodist Ministers, as you know, take up their new appointments on 1st September, just as Christopher did last year and I did ten years ago.

Charity is well on the way to being well again following surgery but will need a little longer to be back to full health and so she will not start work in the Circuit until January.

Having spoken to our new Chair of District, Rev Richard Andrew, and Charity, we are planning her Welcome Service for 6th January 2019 at 6pm at Grove Hill. I wanted to let you all know this, so that you can make a special diary note to be at what I am sure will be a really wonderful service when, as well as welcoming Charity, we will be reminded of our Covenant Vows - what better way to offer ourselves in devotion and commitment to God and to assure Charity of our will- ingness to work with her as she begins her ministry in this Circuit.

Of course, because Charity won't be with us until January, there will be extra work for Christopher and myself, but I am sure you will all pull together with us as we seek to serve Our Lord in this part of his Kingdom.

Thank you all so much for your continuing Love and Support.

'I am no longer my own but yours.
Your will, not mine be done in all things,
wherever you place me, in all that I do . . .'     
Worship Book 288

         So begins the Covenant prayer.

 As we begin a new Methodist year together, may we resolve to make this year a year when we will share with one other person what it means to us to belong to God through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

With Sincere Love,


The Superintendent’s Letter

Rev. Sue Greenwood