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Sunday outdoor worship

I'd love to invite you to join me for a short 20 minute act of outdoor worship in the garden at Trinity this Sunday (16th) at 11am.

To keep us all safe there's a few things that we need you to do.... -We ask that you socially distance on entering and that you sit in a seat as directed by the stewards.

- We ask that you use hand sanitiser on entering the garden area.

- We ask that you bring a face mask with you and use it whilst in proximity to others, unless you are unable to wear a face mask for any reason.

- We ask that you give your details to the steward on entering the garden, if we do not have them already for track and trace purposes.

I realise you might be afraid of coming to worship & that's okay, you don't need to come to worship don't feel any pressure. I realise you might feel like it's not proper worship as we are unable to sing hymns or have a cup of tea, we are unable to hug one another or share in communion HOWEVER.... we are able to be together, to pray together, to hear God word together, and to love one another! The kind of worship we have will be different so come prepared for things to feel a bit weird but perhaps a bit wonderful too! I realise some of you feel constrained by the regulations and perhaps feel they are pointless or ridiculous, it's okay to feel like that but I have a duty of care toward each individual and the church and the government have put these regulations in place to keep you all safe, and I want more than anything for you all to be safe, and well and thriving.

If it's raining that morning heavily or an hour before worship please assume it's cancelled!

I am so looking forward to sharing Gods love and light with you Sunday morning.

Charity x

TO: Congregation

As stated in the previous letter, the responsibility for re-opening Trinity Methodist Church and for the health and afety of persons using the premises lies with the Church Council as the Trustee body. Following guidance from the onnexion and with the assistance of a risk assessment, the church council voted to allow Sunday morning services nly commencing on 6th September 2020.

It will ensure appropriate signage and preventative measures are put in place to reduce any risks of infection spread o the lowest possible level. This will involve maintaining 2m social distancing and the following:

1) Everyone to sanitise their hands at the entrance and touch the minimum of surfaces

2) Everyone attending church to wear masks

3) There will be a plate for offertory as you enter the church.

4) You will be allocated a seat or adjoining seats for a same household group, in the order you arrive.

There will e places within the worship space for children to carry out their own activities with a guardian. This involves hem bringing and using their own toys and taking them away at the end of the service.

5) A Vestry Steward will confirm the safety requirements before the service commences. You will be expected to stay in the seat for the duration of the service which will be around 30 minutes

6) No singing (but there may be recorded music), Holy communion or refreshments will be allowed.

7) Toilet facilities will be available.

8) You will need to vacate the building promptly at the end of the service as directed by the vestry stewards.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You will need to pre-book to attend, as numbers are limited and all churches are not opening on 6th September and therefore there may be members form other churches wishing to attend.

Please ring and leave a message confirming the names of those attending worship on the answerphone on 01642 814659 anytime between 10.00am – 2.00pm, Monday – Saturday. You can ring and confirm you intend to worship every week and then ring again only when not attending. If you decide after 2pm on a Saturday that you cannot

attend, please do not ring and stay safe

Please stay safe everyone and please contact either myself or a member of the Leadership Team if you require any clarification.

Bernard Nixon, Church Council Secretary On behalf of the Church Leadership Team.

I just wanted to add a quick word to Bernard’s letter. I realise that returning to worship is a big deal for all of us. Some of us are worried and may not want to return yet. That’s okay, we’ll still be producing the worship at home sheets and there’ll still be online worship on the circuit website. Some of us might think the regulations are overzealous, that’s okay too but I have a responsibility to each and everyone of you, in my ordination vows I vowed to “do no harm by my neglect” it’s a vow that weighs heavily on me in ordinary times let alone in a pandemic but it would be neglectful of me and the whole Methodist church if we didn’t do everything in our power to keep you safe. Because you matter, to me, and to God.

Some of us might be thinking we don’t want to return to worship because it will be unrecognisable, we’re unable to sing hymns, receive communion, have a cuppa or hug one another; I agree these things matter however until we can do those things again we can meet together and be together, we can pray together and hear Gods word together and we can love one another. Worship will be different and might feel a bit weird but it might also be wonderful and we might just meet God there.

However you’re feeling about church right now it’s okay. I’m always here, if any of you want a chat about it just pick up the phone, drop me an email.

I hope to see you soon.

Revd Charity x