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Middlesbrough More than Gold 2016

Saturday 2nd July 2016

I feel that this year we really have made a difference to the outreach of MTG, by moving more of the events in to the main area of the Park. We also had the big marquee in the usual area which still attracted many people. We felt that we were appealing to more people, to a wider cross section of people in what we offered this year.

Once again we were truthful about why we were there. The messages from the people presenting the worship in the Marquee were honest, sincere and so relevant. We also had the music and testimony along with the Puppets who attracted lots of people, as they shared their faith.

Everyone who was involved had that one aim of telling people about Jesus and the Christian gospel. It was also the message from the Charities and in the games, and activities for children and young people. This year we had a great team of stewards who spoke to people about the reason for MTG being there and shared their faith with many strangers.

It was a real privilege to have such a wide audience and to be able to interview people who were involved in the event and those who were visiting.

This year we have been far more ecumenical in the planning and on the day. It has been really special to work with other Christians who have different ideas and to listen to what they have to say. We are very grateful to the Methodist Circuit for the generous financial help given to us, without which we could not have gone ahead.

I feel this is the biggest outreach event of the year and I am really proud to see the way it has grown and improved. However, Rev Sue,  Alan and I know we owe a debt of gratitude to so many people. I am not going to mention names or the chances are I will forget someone and cause offence, which I don’t want to do. I will just say that if you were involved in any part of MTG this year, then your efforts and contributions have made this a very special time for so many people.  I have to admit to being moved and inspired by some of the messages I heard in the worship and in the music. I also felt so inspired by seeing so many people coming to watch, or to get involved.

Who could forget Mickey Mouse and the Big Banana??

What we do next year is still open to discussion; the original thought was to have MTG once every four years from now onwards. Maybe in the intervening years, we plan some other kind of outreach event. A suggestion made was to work with the Holiday clubs and to organise a big games and picnic event in the Park. However, all plans are open to discussion. If you do have comments about this year’s MTG, we would like to hear from you. Please send any comments to me  Also if you would like to be involved in planning for next year, please contact me. Lastly an event like this could not have been so successful without the support of so many prayers so thank you for your prayers.


On behalf of Alan and Rev Sue.