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Safeguarding Policy


Draft Minutes of Middlesbrough and Eston Methodist Circuit Meeting

held on 12th September 2018 at Eston Grange

Present: Rev Sue Greenwood – chair; Mrs P Hinton – Secretary and 31 members

Apologies: were received from 10 members

Welcome and Devotions led by Tat Chung Luk

Letters of Greeting requested for:

Bereavement: George Bollands (Ormesby); Arthur Smart (Trinity); Pam and Martin Laverick (daughter, Kathryn)  Stuart Nimmo (Marton) and to include congratulations to Jean and the family on the safe arrival of baby William James Stuart Nimmo.

Welcome: Rev Richard Andrew (Chair of District); Rev Charity Hamilton (incoming Presbyter); Rev Mike and Jo Harland who have moved back into this area.


Minutes of previous meeting (20/3/2018) were accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting

Matters arising-

Overseas Mission Secretary - Denise Gibson had agreed to continue for a further 6 months while a new secretary was sought.  Judith Bone offered to take on the role.

GDPR forms – Ruth Lewis stressed the importance of ensuring these are filled in correctly and sent to Elaine in the circuit office.  Due to some errors in completing the forms initially the Circuit Directory has been delayed and will be available in January.

Welcome Service for the Rev Charity Hamilton – this will be held on Covenant Sunday, January 6th 2019, 6pm at Grove Hill church.  

News from Synod – for clarification reps to Synod are the Senior Circuit Steward (or rep) and 1 rep from each Sector (one per minister).  

Keith Johnson will continue as rep for Normanby/Eston Grange/Ormesby (Rev C Wood-Archer )

Dawn Harris will continue as rep Form Grove Hill/Trinity/Linthorpe    (Rev C Hamilton)

Ruth Lewis has volunteered to represent Nunthorpe/Marton/Stainton  (Rev Sue Greenwood)

Celia Shires will be asked if she is willing to stand as a reserve

Thanks were expressed to Jim Neesam for many years of service

Synod 2019 – to be hosted by our circuit on 27 April.  Pat Barrett and Julie O’Key are leading on this.  The event will be based at Kings Academy and planning is in progress.  Help will be needed and information will be shared with churches in due course.

Reports from circuit projects

i) Avenue – the project continues to thrive with the building being used every day of the week by 14 regular groups.   The financial report showed an income of approx £30,000 with expenditure of approx £27000.

ii) TFFC – The Feast of Fun events at Easter and over the summer were very successful.  Monies ‘left over’ will be used to provide similar events at half term and Christmas.  

Trinity Community Cafe now up and running and is being well used.  There is a ‘Pay Forward’ scheme – customers who can afford to pay for their food/drinks do so and can then pay for someone who cannot by purchasing Pay Forward Vouchers.  

Boogie Bounce – a grant acquired will fund a new trampoline exercise scheme, initially to target young girls/women who through disadvantage do not engage in exercise.  Sharon Sewell is undergoing an intensive training course to lead this.

Youth Club is up and running with numbers attending of between 45 and 60.

Puppets UK – project in the planning – details will be shared with churches in due course  

iii) LRRC – report from Amanda Bolderson distributed in advance of meeting.

Rev Sue Greenwood spoke at length of the history of the LRRC and the difficulties over the past few years when closure had seemed most likely.  However, with the aid of a loan grant from the Circuit and a conditional emergency grant of £50,000 from MAPJ, the appointment of a new administrator, a strengthening of the board and a new chairman (Mr Brian Coldwell until Rev C Hamilton arrives) and the shops almost ready for re-letting there is great optimism for the future of the LRRC.

iv)       MAP – report distributed in advance of the meeting


Local Preachers report – report distributed in advance of the meeting.  Additionally it was noted that Doug Gibson will have been a local preacher for 60 years in 2019.  This will be recognised in MEMO.

Safeguarding – report distributed in advance of meeting.  Mark Braithwaite noted the Methodist Church commitment to safeguarding as an integral part of its life and ministry and that a revised ‘Advance Module’ training programme is being implemented.  This will replace a previous training programme and is compulsory for Ministers, Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and anyone else in positions of authority.

The meeting noted and fully supported both the report and the Circuit Safeguarding Policy.

Ormesby Church– The membership at Ormesby is small and the building is in need of some costly repairs and the members after much prayerful discussion led by Rev Wood-Archer have reached the decision to cease to meet.   

Request to circuit meeting to support two actions -

Proposal  –  to help Ormesby to cease to meet.  Unanimous support  (33 votes)

Proposal  –  to sell Ormesby Methodist Church  Unanimous support  (33 votes)

Reports from Circuit Teams

i) Learning and Development – update from Ruth Lewis regarding the ‘Grave Talk’ session held at Nunthorpe.   About 20 people attended and benefitted from the event. Ruth has retained the event material and is prepared to lead sessions for individual churches or organisations if requested to do so

ii) Communications – Anne Smith noted that thanks to David Everett we now have a new circuit website address .  Also noted the importance of ensuring web site information is correct and up to date and churches are asked to review the website and contact David with any changes.

Free first aid course on first come first served basis is being provided on 2nd October – details in churches

Advance notice – stationing committee will need to be formed in March 2019

iii)  Social Justice – John Hinton informed the meeting of a Universal Credit event being held in advance of it being rolled out in Middlesbrough.  Details will be forwarded to churches.  

He noted that he had taken on the role of trustee on MAP and applied for a similar role on Together Middlesbrough although it is uncertain when a decision will be made on this.

iv) Finance – paperwork being prepared to go to Bye’s accountants (by 21 September) for them to finalise the year’s accounts.  Lesley Duffield is our named circuit treasurer and is applying for telephone banking which should help to speed up processes

v) Property – report distributed in advance of the meeting.  Additional information regarding the Avenue manse, subsidence has been repaired and decorating done, but there is now a leak at the back of the house – the work is ongoing

Northallerton Circuit – communication to forge links between the two circuits is slow, but ongoing.  The next stage is a re-arranged visit for their circuit stewards to visit our circuit in October 2018.

Permission to apply to District/Connexional Funding –the meeting was asked to approve any application which may need to be made between now and the March circuit meeting.     Unanimously supported

AOB – none

Date and time of next meeting – Tuesday 19 March, 7.30pm at Marton

Rev Sue Greenwood thanked everyone for all their hard work and dedication and praised all the excellent work going on within the circuit.

The meeting closed with prayer.