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Last updated 5 June, 2021

Keeping In Touch

Dear Friends

At Church last Sunday we had 45 attending worship. Next Sunday 30th May the preacher will be Rev David Godfrey, stewards will be Ruth and Jennie, John Wilkinson will arrange the seating and John Williams will welcome you with sanitizer. The pre-recorded WaH service on the web is led by me, Ruth Lewis. It has a Football theme!

Kay tells us that:  The total amount raised by the Easter Offering from all circuit churches  is £827.94.

The next Newsletter will be emailed on Thursday 1st July. So, until then you will receive no more reminders about booking a seat at church. If you haven’t already done so, maybe book ahead for some Sundays in June. You can always cancel if something crops up. Just email me ruthlewis449@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 01642 315002. I will phone you on the Saturday afternoon if I need spaces. Here is the Stewarding plan for June services.







06 June 2021






13 June 2021






20 June 2021

Godfrey [ MHA]





27 June 2021






If you cannot get out to church, remember if you have a smartphone, PC or tablet you can search for and visit the website memc.uk where you will still be able to find a fresh WaH service recorded each week, along with Dave Elliott’s Thought for the Week AND you can click on Recorded Services and hear the services David Everitt has recorded at Nunthorpe, along with YouTube versions of the hymns. If you do not have access to the internet but would really appreciate reading a WaH service every week, let us know. We can still deliver a printed copy of the WaH, if you ask us.

 On Sunday 20th June  we will hold our MHA Sunday service, led by Rev David Godfrey when we will have representatives from MHA at the service and there will be an envelope collection. If you wish to donate on -line the link is below. David writes about it in the Pastoral letter attached.

Last Sunday was Pentecost and Rose a fan of the WaH services says it reminded her about Whit Sundays in her youth when in her home town Barnoldswick, it was THE day for Celebration. All the churches marched together through the town, each child in the Sunday School, had baskets or posies of wild flowers. We marched behind, the Band for the SA, a Church Banner for all the other denominations, of course we had great rivalry, whose Banner was the best etc etc. After our March for Witness, we all ended up on the local sports field for an afternoon of games and fun together, with a lovely picnic. Still remember with pride, holding a ribbon with my friend Sylvia, to keep the children in line, when we walked,( Sylvia also after marriage became a Methodist, gave up her SA Bonnet with me) . Does it bring back memories for you?

In the coming month we offer our prayers for and good wishes to:

         Rob and Vanessa J who have moved to Sheffield, and others in our congregation who need to relocate.

         Robert and Pam B whose Golden Wedding Anniversary it is this weekend.

         Kath W recovering and now doing a lot of walking  to strengthen her heart!

         All those coping with Long Covid, like Rachel B [ do you remember the Booths, Rachel came to one of our Zoom services last year] see links below. And  we pray for all  of our members who have to cope with chronic health problems.

Finally some one-liners to make you smile:

·         Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

·         Moses was leading his people through the desert for 40 years. It seems, even in Biblical times men avoided asking the way.

·         Remember, we can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


To donate to MHA  https://www.mha.org.uk/

Coffee Invitation from John Lambert NB Same link for new Friday Coffee - If you have any problems then do not hesitate to phone me on 01642 311309 or 07842 130641.  

Nunthorpe Notices w/c 6 June From Mark Braithwaite [Safeguarding]

We are pleased to announce a new block of online Creating Safer Space: Foundation Module Training.

Details of the dates available throughout June and July are on the website and information about how to book a place. Please could you distribute this as widely as possible and encourage anyone who needs the training in your circuit to book their place.

We will also be running a Zoom Familiarisation Session for anyone who is not confident with Zoom. It is worth mentioning, however, that if there are individuals in your circuit who need the training but who are unwilling or unable to access Zoom, they are welcome to wait until the reintroduction of face-to-face training. Please refer to the links on the church website to book your place.

From Lourina Malan [Churches Together]

Please remember  the Churches Together Community Prayer Walk on Saturday 26 June from 10am-12pm. Start from St Mary’s parish church, calling at other churches on the way and finish at Marton Methodist church with refreshments. Prayers said at each stop. Anyone welcome to join even if only at some stops .

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