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Nunthorpe Methodist Church
Connaught Road,
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Rev Susan Greenwood (Superintendent)
 01642 288075

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Page last updated 18/10/19

Mobile Version


Due to copyright restrictions we can not make our full service available to the general public.

The player below has the speech part of the service.

The blue links below will allow you to download the full service but you will need the password.

Because these files are password protected your antivirus may report them as suspicious.

This is because they are locked until you enter the password!

Click on the button matching the file you want from those above.

Internet Explorer will ask what you want to do with the file it downloads from www.memc.uk/nunthorpe/recordings/

Open will temporarily retrieve a copy of the file from the website but delete it when you close Windows.

Save will retrieve a copy of the file from the website and save it on your PC. The file name is the date of the service
Eg.  A recording made on 25th December 2014 would be 20141225.zip

(Special version are sometimes made and they will have other names)

The default location is your downloads folder

Save as will retrieve a copy of the file from the website and save it on your PC. You will be prompted for a name for the new file and also the location in to which the file should saved.


Because the files are more than 40 Megabits in size you may see this prompt on your screen -

When the download completes you will see the following prompt

Open will try to open the file you have just downloaded - see below

Open folder will open the folder you chose to save the file to or the default location, normally - the Downloads folder on you PC

View downloads This will open a list or recently downloaded files so you can choose which to open.

When you double click the file you want to open you will be asked for a password

If you do not already know the password ask David Everitt

An error causing the links below to open the wrong files has been corrected - 25/08/2019
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