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Annual Church  Report 2018

Our vision is …

To make the best use of our resources and, in partnership with other churches, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our local community, and work for peace and justice in the world 1

Letter from the Minister

My dear friends,

May I begin this letter by inviting you to our Annual Church Meeting which will be incorporated into the service of Holy Communion at 11am on Sunday 9th September.

In recent years, it has been such a joy to see all that we do and who we are, in the light of Worship. It is good to report on the work and worship, the mission and ministry of our church as we try to serve God in 2018/19 and as we look to the future. This meeting gives us all opportunity to 'have our say,' as well as thanking those who have served us over the past year, and as we elect our Church Council for the coming year.

Our thanks also must be given to Elaine and Geoff for collating and printing this Annual Report. Thank you, too, to all who have contributed and made this a very interesting report.

It has been great to see groups continuing throughout the year and to see new things happening. Our premises are well used and well known in the community; it is good that we are a welcoming church, to which all can come and find warmth, peace and acceptance. It's good, too, that members of our Church Family serve in the name of Jesus Christ, outside the walls of our church buildings in a variety of ways. May this part of our Mission continue and grow. It is often in this kind of mission, where we are doing practical things, that we find opportunities to share our faith - simply to say why we are involved in various activities, can often invite a response. It's amazing what kind of conversation can begin from a very gentle start.

Unfortunately, not all of us are confident when talking about our Faith, we shy away from those kinds of conversation - and we talk about the weather, yet again!

How can we be readier to share the gospel?

I'm hoping to run a six-week course in the Autumn which may help us to talk of God more naturally. Look out for details and perhaps we will help and encourage each other.

You will have probably already read in MEMO that we are to welcome Rev Charity Hamilton to the Circuit in January 2018. Until then I have the responsibility of trying to care for three other church families, namely, Linthorpe Road, Grove Hill and Trinity. I will need to spread myself slightly more thinly than usual - please be patient. Remember if you need my help, I will do all I can to be with you as soon as possible.

This letter, each year, gives me an opportunity to express to all our lovely church family at Nunthorpe, my most sincere thanks for your love, support and care of me, and to thank you all for the many ways you express your commitment and devotion to God as we continue to build his Kingdom together.

With Sincere Love,

Sue 2

Church Stewards

The present Stewards are Ann Gartside, Brian Henderson, Jillian Lambert, Jennie Mc Neal, John Parratt, Cynthia Robson, Sunhil Sinha, Janice Thomas & Linda King.

This has been a difficult year with Una’s sabbatical and will continue to be until Christmas when Charity starts in the Circuit. As stewards we have tried to support Sue in these busy times.

Janice Thomas has joined the team as a steward and has used her skills to update the crush hall and notice boards and has created a prayer space in the porch.

We have all been involved in the management of church business, and our visits to the Oaks retirement home services which have been appreciated and well attended.

we are aware of circumstances which affect our worshipping congregation and surrounding community and try to encourage more people to be involved in the work and upkeep of the church as the church belongs to us all.

Jillian Lambert

Property & Finance Committee Report

The Property Committee has a membership that includes our Minister, Church Treasurer, Committee Secretary and six Property Stewards.

Accountable to the Church Council, the Committee is responsible for the effective stewardship of Church finances and for ensuring that the premises are fit for purpose, both for regular worship and for the many groups and organisations that use it.

This report is concerned with the property only. Kay has provided a separate report addressing finance. Mark has also provided a report concerning safeguarding and health and safety.

The Committee is sorry to lose the services of property steward Geoff Payne. He has made a substantial contribution over many years. Someone will be recruited to replace him.

Noah’s Garden has been an outstanding success and is fulfilling its primary purpose of bringing more young families to the Church.

At the request of the Church Council, the Committee has looked at the possibility of creating a car park on the Church premises. The view of the Committee will be given to the Church Council at the meeting on 17 October 2018.

Recent repairs and maintenance include;

- Routine cutting of the lawns and tidying of the adjacent bushes and shrubs.

- Annual inspection of portable electrical equipment.

- Servicing of the gas heaters.

- Annual inspection of the fire extinguishers with some items replaced.

- Tuning of the organ.

- The dishwasher has been cleaned.

- An upgrade of the electrics in the boiler house associated with the sump pump.

- Installation of new security lighting in Noah’s Garden.

- Relaying of the garden area behind the hut and shed.

There is a need to replace the Choir Vestry windows. Also, there are six sealed window units to be replaced in the Extension. This work will cost more than £2000.

The Annual Property Return has been submitted to the Methodist Church. 3

Lettings continue to be a source of essential income for the Church. We thank Marilyn and John Wilkinson for their ongoing management of this activity.

Keith Armstrong (Chair) July 2018


The last year 1st Sept 2016 to 31st August 2017 saw a decrease in our collections by £2600. However overall there was a surplus of income over expenditure through a very generous donation from a church member and through our Gift Aid refunds which has meant that overall, we had a surplus of income over expenditure of £2578.55.

The largest expenditure by far is the Circuit Assessment, which covers amongst other things our three Presbyter’s stipends, housing and pensions costs. The Circuit has again managed to keep it’s costs to an absolute minimum and for the coming year the Circuit Assessment has only increased marginally to keep in line with inflation.

In relation to other costs, as a Finance and Property committee, we work hard to ensure that all expenditure is necessary, and we endeavour to ensure best value in all work carried out. This year also we have compared the market and negotiated new contracts for both electricity and gas in an effort to reduce costs.

Our main source of income is through the regular giving of our members and friends. Can I encourage you to consider your giving to the church as an annual review in order that we can continue to maintain our beautiful building to the glory of His Kingdom in Nunthorpe both now and for future generations of worshippers.

May I also remind everyone that if you are a tax payer, a Gift Aid declaration on your collection is a way of increasing your contribution. Catherine Everitt, our Gift Aid Secretary, will be pleased to advise you further on this and on methods of regular planned giving.

Kay Braithwaite


Church Life and Mission Committee

Home Mission 2017/2018

Mission in Britain Sunday was held on 15th April 2018. The service was led by Rev. Christopher Wood-Archer.

Boxes opened 87.53

Envelopes from Home Missions Sunday 143.37

Total £230.90

World Missions 2017/2018

World Church Sunday was held on 6th August 2018 when Zena Bentley gave an update on the Source of Light Junior Academy in Uganda, and the work she and Naomi Haigh are involved in there.

Boxes opened 38.42

Envelopes from World Missions Sunday 76.84

Total £115.26

Dorothy Douglas

Missions Secretary 4

Pastoral Committee

Pastoral Visiting is an important part of our church family, every person on our Membership List and Community Roll is in the care of one of our Pastoral Visitors. At present we have 15 people serving in this valuable roll, Christine Armstrong, David Alford, Irene Barrett, Helen Click, Dorothy Dodgson, Catherine Everitt, Rose Ghosh, Diane Gordon, Shirley Hinchley, Jackie Johnston, Cynthia Robson, Jean Scarlett-Carr, Lalita Sinha, Ruth Taylor and Jenny Winnard.

The Pastoral Committee meets annually to review membership and discuss any changes needed in pastoral care. There is also a re-dedication and communion service each year. Pastoral Visitors distribute the quarterly Memo magazine, which gives up –to-date news and information and also yearly membership tickets. The Pastoral Visitor is sometimes the only person calling regularly on the people in their group and can pass on to the Minister or the Prayer Group any need or problem for their attention.

Dorothy Dodgson

MHA – Elder Care

Donations from the June Service and a Tea Party amounted to £369.00 and was forwarded to Music Therapy. The book table changed from Action for Children to MHA on 1st August. I attended a Meeting in Newcastle on 1st August, related to work of MHA, well presented with excellent Speakers, especially re Music and Chaplaincy. I spoke about Middlesbrough’s addition of Homes in Yarm and Stainton (Montpelier Manor). Jean a music therapist there, spoke, on her work in Stainton and she took some residents to the Big Sing at Stainton. Hinton Court in Guisborough was remembered – the wealth provided by Mr Hinton years ago. Debbie Keenen has recently taken over as Manager for the Live at Home Scheme in Marton. It was interesting to hear of work in the Newcastle/ Northumbrian communities, but there was frustration about no Homes in Morpeth or Alnwick. Rich philanthropists needed.

Helen Click - Rep

Wednesday Morning Prayer Group

We have had a busy year with many prayer requests.

Most requests have been “word of mouth” but Janice has put a box for prayer requests in the porch on the prayer table and I would encourage you to use it.

We have been trying to remember, not always successfully, to suggest people to put in the Flower Book.

Sadly, we have lost two of regular members: Hazel has moved to Scarborough and our great prayer stalwart, Mavis, died suddenly in August. We miss them both very much.

Every now and then one of you joins us for a session when you want to pray with us about something close to your heart. And we welcome anyone who wants to “drop in”.

We still pray our way through the directory, so be assured, every few weeks each one of you is lifted up to God in prayer.

We always thank God for his abiding presence with us and for his answers to our prayers.

May he bless each one of you.

Dorothy Dodgson, Rose Ghosh, Janice Thomas and Ruth Taylor. 5

Churches Together in Nunthorpe and Marton

Churches Together in Marton and Nunthorpe continue to meet termly with the support of clergy, Sue Greenwood (Nunthorpe & Marton), Andy Grant (St. Cuthbert), Tessa Stephens (St. Mary) and Claire Dodds (St. Cuthbert). The group prays together and focuses on working in unity for our community, identifying community needs and creating opportunities to work and workship together, improving communication and building relationships between local churches. We had a blessed Songs of Praise event over Pentecost with the Lockwood Brass Band and more recently members and church volunteers were involved with the Feast of Fun summer holiday activities. We have had to say goodbye to Jim McAllister and would love to have another volunteer from Nunthorpe Methosist Church to join our group. Please get in touch with Graham Hassall or Lourina Malan if you are interested. Our next AGM will take place at Nunthorpe Methodist Church on 13 September 2018 at 7.30pm.

We welcome any ideas and feedback and will continue to share events on the Churches Together noticeboard and in church.

Lourina Malan- CT secretary

Women’s Hour

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays from September 2018 to June 2019 at 2.30pm. So much enjoyed by members, hearing Speakers on many different, interesting subjects. Also, a chance to chat and have tea. Thanks to Rose Ghosh (Secretary) 318551 for her related hard work. The new Programme is out, the first Meeting is 5th September, Eric and His Band “Route 66”.

If anyone would like a programme, please ask either Rose or myself. Friends welcome.

Helen Click


Contact Ladies Fellowship

Another successful year for our fellowship, with members once again welcoming a variety of speakers. We were instructed in “Laughter Therapy”, transported back to “Victorian Times in Preston Hall” and sailed up the “River Tees from Yarm to the Sea”, to mention three of your enjoyable meetings.

Thank you to rev Sue Greenwood and Ruth Taylor for making our Easter and Christmas devotional meetings extra special, and Shirley Hinchley for organising the Theatre Evening once again.

The excess subscription money was given as agreed at the AGM to church Funds, Methodist Women in Britain, Chernobyl Children and a Children’s Cancer Charity in memory of Christopher Armstrong.

Our programme begins again on the 4th September. Everyone and anyone welcome.

Joy Britchford

Coffee Morning

The Coffee Drop-In Centre on Tuesday mornings continues to cater for some 20 to 25 regular and occasional visitors who enjoy the company and conversation.

The Community Knitting & Crochet Group are now an integral part of this gathering who during the year have undertaken various projects including the recent Royal Wedding which gained 6

National and indeed International recognition for Nunthorpe. We will continue through August but sincere thanks must go to all the Members who provide this service from September to July each year on a weekly Rota - it is much appreciated. Our Minister Sue joins us every Second Tuesday for a short service and we thank her for this.

Mavis Williams

Luncheon Club

We meet monthly from October to June, and approximately 40 people attend to enjoy a two-course hot meal for £4.00. We also provide a take-away service on request which is welcomed by our housebound members. At present we do have a few spare places so please contact us for further details if you are interested in joining our friendly group.

A huge thank you to all the team who prepare, serve and clear away and whose time and effort is much appreciated.

Julie O’Key & Kay Braithwaite

Action for Children

During the year from January to December 2017, I sent the following amounts, on behalf of Nunthorpe Methodist Church, to Action for Children (North East and Cumbria);

Book Stall from August 2017 100.00

Christmas card display 132.00

Christmas Eve collection 723.21 (includes Gift Aid)

Donation 50.00

Home Collecting boxes 114.89

total 1120.10

You will remember that we had the Christmas Eve collection instead of the Christmas morning collection in previous years. This accounts for most of the increase.

We didn't have the Christmas card post box, and this seems to have been a disappointment for some of the members.

All amounts have been acknowledged and letters of thanks displayed in Church for all to see.

The book stall continues to raise funds for Action for Children this year until the end of July.

Thank you to all members of the congregation for supporting Action for Children.

Christine Armstrong.

Middlesbrough Asylum project – MAP

Donations of e.g. clothing, bedding, from this Church continue to be taken to Avenue Methodist Church, where asylum seekers and refugees are welcomed and supported. The aim is to reduce isolation, meet basic needs and healthy living; encourage activity and social opportunities. Also, to create a sense of community and assist development of their own lives. I will continue to bring details.

Helen Click

Food Bank

Food is collected for the Foodbank in the Crush hall and monies are collected by me and taken to a Foodbank centre at the Baptist Church at Coulby Newham.

I can report that since September 2017 there has been a steady contribution of food and that £485 has been donated to the Foodbank.

I would like to thank all those who continue to support this invaluable service to the community.

Julie O’Key

Music Group

The music group continues to provide an item to enrich our worship every Sunday morning.

We now meet in the small hall at 10-15am before the service at 11-00am.

I am happy to report that the Music Group is flourishing. We have a very stable membership and attendance at rehearsals is good- even in the cold days before Christmas singers turned out to rehearse for the Carol Service on Friday evenings.

Inevitably in January people are missing due to illness. Of course, the group has an ageing membership, but I know that they enjoy (on the whole) what we do and are pleased to contribute to our Sunday morning worship.

Remembrance Day, All Souls Day and Harvest were special services in the Autumn when we welcomed our gentlemen, David, John and Mark to support us, not forgetting Sarah and Megan too. It is good to be able to call on members of the congregation to swell the numbers when it is necessary. We also appreciate the involvement of Eric and John P. Having three singers, myself, Linda and Helen (our organist) who can also double up as pianists enriches the music making at rehearsals.

The group currently is facing another challenge since it was decided at the Church Council that we should have a worship “warm up” every fortnight for the congregation to become familiar with the newly acquired hymn book “Singing the Faith” and in “Songs of Fellowship”. To date we have had only two of these “warm ups” so it is not appropriate to say whether they are succeeding or not. However, here are some comments from members of the congregation “you take notice of the words when you sing them to a new tune.” “people at the back of the church were enjoying singing these new hymns”

Comments from members of the choir “it is stressful trying to learn three new hymns in 25 minutes,” “we would still like to sing an introit at the beginning of the service”

As we progress with this new initiative I would welcome further comments, positive or negative from members of the Family Committee so that we can improve the way we do it.

Beryl Lindley

Junior Mission for All

Last year was another good year for JMA fund raising from this church and the children collected £275.72. Thanks to all our collectors and their supporters.

We continue to have 6 young JMA (Junior Mission for All) collectors and they do an excellent job. 8

We do encourage our children to have regular contributors to their collecting and if you are supporting one of our JMA collectors then many thanks. In these times of austerity JMA is grateful for the continuing efforts of the collectors and their supporters.

Certificates and badges will be presented this autumn as usual.

Julie O’Key JMA secretary


As I took over the role of COGS coordinator from Kay I am pleased to say we continue to have a good number of children attending our church 24 in total and we were delighted to see the return of some previous children too, along with new faces too.

The range of ages stays across 3 – teens and we continue to run our TOGS once a month with thanks to Kay who is always on hand first Sunday of the month. The next rota from Sept to Jan has been planned and it is a pleasure to plan their lessons with such variations.

In light of our safeguarding policy we now have a rota in place to provide each leader with a helper to assist as a safeguarding witness and from them all I am pleased to say they now enjoy being part of our team and love their interactions with our young members. I would like to say many thanks to the volunteers on the rota that allows our classes to go ahead.

We have welcomed Kim Tsang into our leaders this year and I thank Marilyn and Janice for their leaderships too.

The Nativity last December was once again a major success thanks to Julie and helpers with a court case theme and our wonderful Judge from Noah and once more a cast with several roles each who carried off their roles superbly assisted by mums with costume changes and props. A true team effort well performed.

This year we see a reduction in younger members so look forward to Julie’s new venture of Play group and young worship group to outreach and bring possible new influx.

Jean Scarlett-Carr

Play Group “Play and chat”

Our new venture play group started in September 2017 and has been a great success. We have regular attenders and we welcome about 35 children each week and have 60 families registered with a waiting list for September.

The regular team includes me, Paula Miller and two of my work colleagues Lorraine and Judy. All have completed their DBS certificates.

We have some much needed supported from members of the church who help with refreshments and also take opportunities to talk to parents and children. We could not manage without them and would be grateful for anyone else who would like to go on the rota. The rota is on the notice board in the crush hall.

This year is the first full year that we have been able to use the play garden and it is loved by parents and children. We are out there in all kinds of weather except heavy rain. For some of our more lively children it is an absolute favourite.

Paula brings her Guinea pigs and finches each half term for a pet’s corner and some of the children love that. 9

Our story time session is developing, and the children love the singing and parachute session at the end. At Christmas time we will tell the Nativity story as well as learn a children’s Christmas hymn.

Julie O’Key

Film Club+

Film Club + continues to be a popular and well attended social group for young people aged around 8 years.

We average 20 + children on any Film Club night and the children enjoy playing in the games room, basic craft activities and playing in Noah's Garden - all alongside watching the movie being screened! The tuck shop is popular, and children enjoy the chance to socialise in a friendly and safe environment. Parents are extremely positive about the club and have expressed gratitude to me and other helpers.

I am continually grateful to those who give up their time to support me in the, not insignificant, job of; setting up, supervising the children in each room and clearing away following the event. I am also grateful to members of the church who have given gifts of money to the club, supporting the purchase of equipment and resources.

The club will run again on a half-termly basis from October 2018. I am grateful for any help and support so please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel you can help in any way.

Jennie McNeal

Coach Outings

Our out of area coach outings have been well attended and enjoyed over the last four years.

Initially we visited the Wansley dale area where we followed the footsteps of John Wesley, the trip included a guided tour at an early church now as a museum. A lovely meal was provided by the local W. I. members.

In 2017 we had a guided coach tour of City of Hull and the docks area, which included areas targeted in WW2. This was followed by a walking tour of the cultural and historic centre of Hull. On completion the group sampled delicacies of the sea at the Wetherby Whaler restaurant.

Recently, July 14th, 2018 a visit to City of Halifax was arranged in fine weather, following light refreshments we had a guided tour of the unique and spectacular Piece Hall – which has been recently refurbished to a very high standard. The tour continued to Blackley with a visit to the historic and unique Baptist Church on the hill. We were guided round the interesting set of premises by members and the two Ministers, before we were treated to a delightful afternoon tea. The meal was a present to us – returning the compliment when previously some of the Blackley congregation were on a visit to cruise the Tees on the Teesside Princess.

Each of these outings occurred on the second Saturday in July – the coach company have ‘pencilled’ in the 13th July 2019 (D.V.) for another possible outing – the jury is ‘still out’ on a suitable location!

Brian Henderson 10

New venture 2018

Bible group for children and parents

Following the article in Snippets there are a small group of people who are willing to offer a bible and activity group for young children on a Monday. We are planning to meet in September to discuss what we can offer.

I hope that people will think about how we can support of families if they decide to come to worship. As was mentioned in the article it is not just about children. Paula Miller said that at her previous church when she attended with Justin as a baby a lady always came and sat with her and supported her throughout the service and this gave her encouragement to keep attending.

We would be grateful for any offers of support so please speak to Ruth Lewis or me.

Julie O’Key


You will have seen recently, a large poster in the entrance porch of our church, on which is written in bold letters, 'OUR CALLING.' The Methodist Church has realized that we need to get back to basics and so have re-launched the 'Our Calling' theme as a way of challenging us to consider afresh what it means to be a Methodist Christian. Of course, much of what is 'OUR' calling, is also the calling of other Christian denominations - and we celebrate the unity and diversity that makes us Christ's disciples in 2018 along with our ecumenical friends.

I hope you have stopped to read the words beneath the title - they are for us all. . .

'The calling of the

Methodist Church

is to respond to the

gospel of God's love

in Christ and to live

out its discipleship in

worship and mission'

It does this through:

Worship - Learning and Caring - Service - Evangelism

To worship is joyfully to proclaim, in the power of the Spirit, the wonderful acts of God and to celebrate his glorious nature. We worship God, not only in formal or informal acts of worship, but also with our lives, by serving him in serving other people.

Worship may include silence, drama, music, dance and various art forms.

May I thank all those who make worship so meaningful: Worship, which is so exciting when our children and young people are present. Worship on a Sunday and also on other days in groups like Women's Hour and Contact. The gentle and sensitive Worship at The Nunthorpe Oaks and Worship which is part of our day to day care and service. Worship on those great occasions when friends and family gather to celebrate, remember, or sing Christmas Carols.

We are so blessed to have Local Preachers and Worship Leaders as well as the Ordained Staff leading us week by week. We are blessed to have Stewards and Door Stewards who make sure all is ready for us to worship. We are blessed to have musicians and readers who enrich our worship. We are blessed to have leaders who guide our children and young people and share what it means to be a Disciple of Jesus. We are blessed to have church buildings which are so well maintained and cared for. We are blessed to have people who prepare the table for Holy Communion and we are blessed to have people who prepare those ever-welcome drinks and meals. We are blessed that people take care of the money - and act as stewards of God's provision. There are so many ways and so many people in our church who help us to bring our Worship to God.

I am so grateful to you all for helping to make worship real and for your commitment. May each of us bring our sacrifice of Praise and Worship to Almighty God, through Jesus Christ.