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September 2016

Issue 76

'Marked for Life'

Dear friends,

A week or so ago, my younger sister and brother and I had to go to the solicitors about some farm business. We don't often get the chance to be together, just the three of us, it was really lovely, and even better when on the beautiful sunny afternoon in Whitby my brother bought us all an ice-cream!

One of the things that struck me as we walked to the office, was how all three of us were limping - our friend, 'Arthr - itis,' I suspect passed down from our parents as a sort of legacy!

This limping made me think of the incident in the Old Testament of how Jacob, after years of estrangement from his brother Esau, was on his way to be reconciled with him. During this journey Jacob has an encounter with God. The account has him wrestling with 'a being', variously described as a man, an angel, or God. It's a story of real struggle - with faith, conscience, self-doubt, fear, and who knows what else? But it is significant for Jacob for two reasons: first, his name is changed - Jacob becomes Israel; and, second, he walks away from the encounter with a limp. He is struck in 'the hollow of his thigh'. Whatever the interpretation of that might be, Jacob leaves this momentous event marked for life.

Nothing in life is wasted. Whatever we go through - success or pleasure, tribulation or pain - we are formed a little differently because of it. We are changed, 'marked' by life's events.

As my siblings and I limped to the solicitors, I was reminded how each of us had been 'marked by and for life'. Our parents shared their love of Jesus with us from the time we were born and pointed us to him. The Lord Jesus put his mark of ownership on us ~ each one - many years ago. As well as all the struggles, challenges, failures and many joys we have experienced, God's loving purposes have helped to shape us.

I pray that as you look back over your lives, you will also see how different people and various events in your lives have helped you become the person you are today - and that you wi1l acknowledge how God has called you by name, loved you, and made you his own.


No life is free from influence.

Every life can have a positive influence on another.

Sincerely and with Love,

Sunday 18th September - Circuit Service at Avenue Songs of Praise 6.15pm

Sunday 25th September - Harvest Festival

Saturday 22nd October - Jumble Sale 11.00am, start sorting out your jumble. Helpers needed, see John Wilkinson or Julie O’Key

Sunday 13th November - Remembrance Sunday

Saturday 26th November - Christmas Fayre 1.00pm - 4.00pm Meet Father Christmas, usual stalls, Lunch/Afternoon Tea available. Helpers needed see Julie or Kay



Where do you like to sit in church?
In the choir next to Irene.

Where else in church might we see you?
In the pulpit if I'm planned.

What is your favourite old hymn?
Great is thy faithfulness, 0 God my Father

What is your favourite new hymn?
Let your living water flow over my soul.

What is one of your favourite Bible quotes?
Words from Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go"

What temptation do you find it hard to resist?
4 squares of black chocolate when I'm washing up after dinner.

What is your favourite childhood book?
The Narnia series which helped me through a difficult time.

Where do you like to go on holiday?
Wild camping on the edge of a beach on one of the islands off Scotland.

What do you cook for your grandchildren?
Shepherds' Pie. They would be disappointed if I didn’t!

Who would you like to invite for a meal apart from family and friends?
Lyse Doucet and Kate Adie - foreign correspondents for the BBC and J. John.



Ever-present God,

you walk with us through good times and bad,

on mountaintop

and valley floor; your footsteps our guide, your hands our support.

Ever-present God, you are with us when life is smooth or rough,

in wholeness

and brokenness; your healing our hope, your touch our desire.

We shall fear nothing if you are with us, our ever-present God.


The mouth of Babes and Sucklings

Looking at old family photos and on hearing that her great-great-grandfather was dead and in heaven, the small child wisely pronounced:

" I don't expect he took his tablets. "

There has been a small working party looking at this project on behalf of church. We have dealt with four suppliers and got various estimates to put in a paved area with seating and a play area for the children. It has taken many site visits and meetings and much investigation as how to spend the monies as effectively as possible and there are some parts of the scheme we plan to do ourselves. You may have noticed that the back garden area is now cleared in preparation.

We have been fund raising since last September and have raised £8500 and at the church council meeting it was agreed to back us up to £15,000 as we continue to fund raise.

We are very grateful to those who have made donations and supported our fund raising efforts in giving and sharing in events. Other events are to be planned to start in September.

We have written to many charitable organisations and have just received a donation of £500.

We hope our vision to offer playground and garden facilities for all the children and young people that use our premise and a pleasant seating area for adults will enhance the excellent indoor church facilities.

Julie O'Key

Activity Garden Project